2688 Simmons Road
West Branch, MI 48661
phone : (989) 345-0628
fax : (989) 345-5189

Our Team

We have the best team around.  We hire the most dedicated, hard working employees and we strive to do the best we can do.

Justin Benjamin

Owner, President/Concrete Finisher

In 1999 Justin entered the concrete business as a laborer for a local concrete company, learning not only the concrete business, but understanding the meaning of management. In 2002 Justin started "Finished Concrete" with the vision that his business would represent more than just a finished product.

Justin's customers are always praising his company and employees for their work, cleanliness and respectfulness they exhibit on the job. Justin works very hard, and expects the same from his employees. He is known for giving his customers and general contractors a little more than they pay for. He has a tendency to use the word "No Problem" a little to free, but always stands behind his word. Justin takes pride in his teams concrete work, and the good reputation he has earned, because he feels that satisfied customers are his company's best advertisement.

Casey Greer - a.k.a. "The Straw Boss"


Casey has been employed with the company since 2006. Casey is right on the job from start to finish, paying closes attention to detail. Casey's specialty is finishing those hard to get areas like floor drains, posts and pipes sticking out of the ground or floor, assuring that the edges match the rest of the floor.

Casey is known for keeping the rest of the team highly entertained, and has never missed a day of work.

Aaron Bouck


Aaron has been employed with Finished Concrete since 2011.  He's has extensive experience in concrete work, poured walls, and excavation.  He's familiar with all aspects of concrete work from start to finish.
Aaron doesn't like to take short cuts.  He takes the time to plan ahead and make sure that things turn out right for our customers.

Ryan Luke


Ryan has been employed with Finished Concrete since 2011.  He is in charge of quality control for placing and finishing all of our concrete projects.  His daily tasks include attention to detail and timing to get the proper finish on all jobs.  He is also responsible for final close out on all projects. 

Justin Ward


Justin has been employed with Finished Concrete since 2012.  He has a great eye for precision, measurement, operating equipment, and is very advanced in setting grade.

John Byler


John has been employed with Finished Concrete since 2013. 

Thomas "Auggie" Green


Auggie has been employed with Finished Concrete in 2014.

Don Provoast

Yard Man/Laborer

Don has been employed with Finished Concrete in 2014.

What Our Clients Say About Us...

Great job, Justin!  Hopefully we can do the drive next spring.
--Ruth & Dave
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